Guest Instructors
Visiting Instructor Policy:
A  non refundable $200.00 deposit is required to hold a seat in this workshop.
The Deposit is applied to the total class fee.

There will be a tax on  Materials only.

*There are no refunds on Visiting Instructor Workshops

*If there is a waiting list every effort will be made to fill  your spot should you
not be able to attend. You must give Dream Fire notice in time to contact people
on the wait list. Only if we are able to fill your spot you will receive a refund for
the amount you have paid for the class.

If for any reason Dream Fire Glass Studio has to cancel the workshop you will
receive a **full refund for the workshop.
for the amount you have paid for the class.
Flowers Under Glass
   3 day floral murrini workshop   
         Nina "Sam" Hibler   
*All materials and tools needed for the workshop are proved by Dream Fire Glass
*Except where noted
Lunch provided each day for full day classes
Flowers Under Glass

The main focus of this 3 day workshop is making your own custom flower murrini. Students will learn to make 3 dimensional flower
murrini using two different techniques; building a flower in layers of color in one session at the torch and to make separate
components individually, then assembled over a few days.
Techniques will include how to make all the components for each floral murrini cane; including different types stamen cane,
petals, color layering tips and techniques. Student will learn to assemble the final canes. Learn to heat the bundle, use heat
control  and pull the cane to the desired thickness without distortion.
On day 3 students will use the murrini made in class to create simple and multi layered beads.  Learning how to apply and encase
them in their beads using several different techniques. We will also use copper mesh, dichroic glass, stringer and more to add
depth interest to our garden.
Each student will leave the class with a minimum of 2 floral canes and the knowledge to make many more. Several beads will be
created will be made the 3rd day.

This class will be taught in Bullseye COE 90 but you can request *COE 104 as long as we keep each students glass separate. If
your choose 104 you may have to bring some glass if I do not have the colors you want. Also COE 104 clear is pretty dirty so you
will want to have some super clear or Double Helix clear this costs more than the BE clear. Please make arrangements with me
when you sign up if you will be working in COE104.

Level: intermediate/advanced flameworking
Class Cost $550.00
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Save the Dates
February 21-22-23 2020
Joy Munshower
Patty Lakinsmith
Headpins & Charms
October   19-20    

Artisan made lampwork glass headpins & charms  play a huge role in jewelry design.

Day 1 Headpins : This in-depth class will have you making beautiful, intricate
headpin elements perfect for earrings or focal pendants.  After a brief discussion on
types of wire and wire holding tools, we will begin with a demo and discussion of
techniques for producing two identical headpins sequentially. These techniques can
be practiced multiple times throughout the class when different designs are
Students will start with simple floral designs and end with more advanced styles that
require attention to gravity and heat control.  Students will learn how to gently heat
the glass, how glass moves, and various ways of making matching headpin pairs.

Day 2 Charms: Using the skills learned on day 1 students will continue to used wire
to make charms. The possibilities on how you will use these are endless.
Headpin & Charm wire cleaning will be covered at the end of the class.

$400.00 plus tax on material

Bio:  Patty has been melting glass since 2003, and enjoys making beads, buttons
and finished jewelry from her work. She is mostly drawn to nature’s palette,
reflected in the surroundings of her wooded, mountain studio. She marvels at
nature’s patterns in both plant and animal forms, and tries to honor them in her
work. Her journey from beads to cabochons and headpins has taken her into
explorations of unique, jewelry-friendly designs on the end of a piece of wire.