Guest Instructors
Visiting Instructor Policy:
A  non refundable $100.00 deposit is required to hold a seat in this workshop.
The Deposit is applied to the total class fee.

There will be a tax on  Materials only.

*There are no refunds on Visiting Instructor Workshops

*If there is a waiting list every effort will be made to fill  your spot should you
not be able to attend. You must give Dream Fire notice in time to contact people
on the wait list. Only if we are able to fill your spot you will receive a refund for
the amount you have paid for the class.

If for any reason Dream Fire Glass Studio has to cancel the workshop you will
receive a **full refund for the workshop.
** minus  $100.00 of the deposit if Instructors travel has been purchased.
Stephanie Sersich    
September 29,30
                 October 1  2017
*All materials and tools needed for the workshopproved by Dream Fire Glass
*Except where noted
Lunch provided each day for full day classes
September 29th
1Day Sculptural flamework class
with Stephanie Sersich
On Hearts
intermediate/advanced flameworking
Class Cost $275.00

September 30th
1Day Sculptural flamework class
with Stephanie Sersich
On Flowers
intermediate/advanced flameworking
Class Cost $275.00

October 1st
1Day flamework class
with Stephanie Sersich
On Encasing
intermediate/advanced flameworking
Class Cost $275.00
See discounts for multiply days
Take Two days$468.00 all Three Days $655.00
* Bring a friend - Sign up a friend for the full day classes and you both
get $10.00 off

There is tax on materials

ONE BONUS fun Night!
Spiny Knotted Bracelet Night for those who have taken the
workshop before but just want to make another.
This is Saturday evening right after class
with Stephanie Sersich
We’ll use floss and waxed linen to bind beads and other treasures into a
bracelet.  The materials and methods provide an opportunity for self-
expression—there is no pattern to follow, the beads can vary in size, color
and shape.  Each student in the class creates a bracelet different from
the others’.  The unusual materials and larger bead sizes (a nice change
from the intricate “seed bead” work) seem to level the playing field for
beginners and long-time beaders.

Class cost  Free for repeat students
$50.00 if you are bringing a friend who has not had the class
Materials for bracelet are NOT included
Kits will be available for $65.00
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Leah Fairbanks
Returning 2018?
Dates TBA

Bell flowers, leaves, headpins and more